LEFAS has long recognized the risks posed by global climate change, such as more severe weather events & potential adverse impacts on human health


We believe industry, government and the public all have a responsibility to address this evolving challenge. As a precautionary step, Lefas has taken significant voluntary actions to reduce its own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and is transparent in how we are helping mitigate climate change and its impact.

Notable actions we’re undertaking to meet our climate change commitments include

  • Identifying the operating risks and business opportunities presented by a changing global climate.
  • Effectively managing financial implications and opportunities in a carbon-constrained world.
  • Better understanding our carbon footprint across the value chain.

Notable actions we’re undertaking to meet our energy goals include

  • Assessing renewable energy projects and implementing them where they are viable
  • Making use of reusable plates and cups
  • The use of packaging materials made from renewable product which will reduce our environmental footprint by lowering energy use and greenhouse emissions
  • Encourage online meetings with suppliers there by Reducing the rate of travel for meetings and causing reduction in our carbon footprints of lower energy
  • Products bear features of lower energy and GHG going forward
  • The use of electronic filling system for office printing, with printers programmed to duplex printing
  • Training and promoting awareness to our employees on how to save energy and imbibe GHG in facets of our business operations
  • When practicable, we procure cars with low emission and alternative fuel vehicles.
  • Increasing colleague awareness and engagement by instilling a culture of innovation, ownership and conservation

These actions have improved operational efficiency, reduced our energy expenditures, enhanced colleague skills, decreased cost of goods, and contributed to Lefas reputation as a responsible corporate citizen